The wheel has already been invented, we do not dwell in the past, we take a look at what is available to us, we study it, and we use it in a manner that serves us and the people around us in the best way possible.


Our objective is to explore the various forms of art and that of technology, and the creative skills that have emerged as a result of our modern times, and to use the knowledge gained from our investigations to deliver contemporary solutions to our audience.

We are L.A.M

Leyo Afrika Media is an online media company established in 2013 and based in Nelson Mandel Bay in South Africa.  We are and will forever be a place shared and tested without fear of the unknown, but favour of what may be.


We provide a wide range of multimedia services ranging from audio recording, videography, photography, social media strategic planning, advertising, etc.  For more information about our services please do not hesitate to contact us.

The future is here

Current events have brought about an unsettling discomfort of what the future holds for many people.  Progress has always been met with resistance from the old guard of industries, which always impacts the people negatively.  History has taught us that you can’t stop progress, and trying to control it has only lead to unethical practices.

The most practical solution is to acquire knowledge of the changing times to be in a position of partner to progress.  We have witnessed over the years that with each transition comes a new breed of evolved skills.  At Leyo Afrika Media we embrace such creativity and explore what some may deem improbable.

Partners in indusrty

  1. Awake Online is a medium that offers advertisers a new platform to expand brand awareness through digital presence that reaches a global community.
  2. Calm Collective is a LA based production company with a visual and performing artist duo who help bring the heart and vision of your brand to life.
  3. The MBDA (Mandela Bay Development Agency) is a special purpose development company which has become the driving force behind urban regeneration in Nelson Mandela Bay.

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